Pool & Spa Frequently Asked Questions for Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Boerne & Surrounding Hill Country Areas

Hill Country Pools & Spas takes pride in providing clients with superior customer service, and that starts with ensuring all of your questions are answered. Please read on below for answers about some of the most popular questions asked about pool and spa maintenance. Please click on the + button to reveal the answer and the – button to hide. If you have a question not listed below, contact us today and we will gladly answer your question as quickly as possible.


Do you service pools?

As a Pool/Hot tub Retail store, we do not provide at home service for pools. We have a variety of local contractors who we work with that are happy to service your pool for you. Call or come by to get their information and availability info.

Do you service hot tubs?

We are happy to service any and all hot tubs we sell. Every hot tub delivery includes the hot tub tech to ensure that we are able to keep your new tub running throughout its lifetime. We do not service other manufacturers brands.

Do you build pools?

No. We are a Pool and Hot tub retail store.

Why is my pool water cloudy/dirty?

We can help. Bring in a fresh sample of your water and we can help you find out what the problem is. It is usually a problem with one or more of 3 things:

  • Sanitation (ex..no chlorine)
  • Balance (ex..HIGH PH)
  • Filtration (ex..clogged sand filter).

We can help you find out why one of more of these is the culprit.

Do you move hot tubs?

We can and often will for our regular customers who have purchased their spa with us and we are confident that the spa has been maintained properly throughout its life. If not, you can contact Midway Towing in Kerrville for the move.

Do I have to use chemicals in my pool/spa?

To some degree yes. We do offer a line of spa chemicals that are praised for their effectiveness AND their gentleness. In fact, it is the chemicals we use in our mood room spa. We would love to show it to you.

I’m new to pools/spas, where should I start?

Collect all the info you have on the products you have and bring them along with a fresh sample of water and we can get you started. Don’t fret, this process is daunting for many, but can be mastered with some time and effort. Your water needs to be maintained to save money, lengthen the product lifespan, and more importantly TO GET TO ENJOY IT. Be patient, read your manuals, learn the chemicals, and you will soon be your neighborhood pro!